Final Rating: 3.25. Finished 116 out of 151 entries.

343 views including the voting period.


Animator: Yihong Chai

Description: My first pose :)

Experience: newbie

Time taken: 1 month


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Edward Chris Evjen:

Have the body move as a whole. Quite often just single parts are moving. This is unnatural.

Bruno de Coninck:

He said call him and then try to catch the phone? I'm not sure about this! Lol! Except that, your animation is a bit slow. I don't know if you used a reference but if you didn't I suggest you to try to use some. For example, I'm not sure if someone who take the pose of your character on the right would bend his leg like he does aourn frame 55. Your pose could be stronger if you let his leg fully extended.

Nathan Greensmith:

A bit floaty but good pose on the box, good effort

Adam Momsen:

Main thing I would say about this is that the actions should overlap one another. Right now things are very 'Action A then Action B then Action C', whereas some things could happen simultaneously.

Couple examples: During 'call him', the character tosses the phone to the table, and only then starts moving his foot up. Some of this could happen at the same time: maybe he puts his foot up first, and as he settles into that pose he casually tosses the phone.

Or, at the very end after 'Wilfred the merciful'. Right now the character waits until he finishes speaking completely before moving to pick the phone up. Couldn't he reach for it while he's speaking?