Final Rating: 2.94. Finished 141 out of 164 entries.

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Animator: Lindsay Adams

Description: Marty runs an appliance store. He is friends with Doc. Doc has presented Marty with several toasters to be offered for sale in the store. Marty is sitting down examining several toasters, but he sees one that he likes the best. He asks Doc about it.

Experience: 3 Months

Time taken: 2 weeks


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lip sync needs a lot of improvement,
the first poses are pretty good

Ian Alexander Hanson:

Cool concept, and I like how he's interacting with the object.

Object needs weight, arms moving independently of body.

Chad Cox:

Quarky concept! Need much more exaggerated mouth shapes.. Much wider open "ah" shape on "Doc" and "Are.." and much more mouth width variance on "ew" and "ee" sounds in "dEWty", "gasolEEn", "yEW", "mEE", and "nEWclEEr". Hopefully this chicken scrath makes sense. Would also help if the doc was moving just enough to keep him alive.

Javier Ovalle:

Lip sync is hard to read and the scientist doesn't move, try exaggeration the face expression so they are noticeable. If you can, try different camera angles to.