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Rushed snow questions Batman

by Sean O Boyle

Final Rating: 2.57. Finished 120 out of 125 entries.

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Animator: Sean O Boyle

Description: Did not get started early enough to get this animation done to a level of quality I am satisfied with. Entering moreso to not miss the deadline.

Animated in Blender 3.3
Character Model and Rig: "Snow" by Demeter Dzadik, Blender Studio.

Experience: Undergrad animation student. 2nd ever attempt at 3d animation

Time taken: 5 hours spread over 2 days with a week between the days.


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Sean O Boyle:

(This was my animation) voting 1 because it IS not ready for the competition, started a week before, 5 hours in total over 2 days, last day being 3 of those hours. Poor attempt on my part. I spent an extra hour or 2 after the deadline adding the lip sync. It was ok but off timed slightly, not reel worthy.

From what i see wrong, there's no overshoot to any action, secondary action, or idle animation in the poses. Happy with some of the arcs in arms and body however.

Liam Smith:

I can't tell if he is reacting to two people off screen saying the lines or is the first voice.
Try to time his reactions to when a character starts to say something

Jacob Gluckman:

Interesting posture study