Final Rating: 5.74. Finished 26 out of 125 entries.

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Animator: Jeanne Bigo

Description: At night, two young men meet each other at a video game party. But one of them looks odd.

Experience: 1 year as student

Time taken: More than 20 days


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Divina Gracia:

Lipsync need to be more clear & syncto the audio

Sean O Boyle:

alot of the action is far away and hidden by stationary elements. it's good, just needs different angle/staging

Ash Wood:

Great reveal at the end lol

Ben Zingo:

more hand/finger movements on the game controller would be nice, and the guy rubbing his neck gets really repetitive. Some rubbing is good for the setup, but having him pause, or change speed, etc. would help it from being too monotonous

Kfir Ben-Dov:

Nice layout, but poses and lipsync needs a lot of work.

Mateus Di Mambro:





Great story, explaining why he's talking about a "bat-man".
Lovely movement in the left characters face.
Great setting for the animation.