Final Rating: 3.96. Finished 94 out of 223 entries.

475 views including the voting period.


Animator: Carlos Duenas

Description: A hero's journey to help a friend in need of a roll, will he be able to return?

Experience: 2D all my life, first time doing 3D

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Sabrina Winkel:

Very nice. I got scared! That's what the voters love!



William Barry Eggington:

Great camera work. Characters were a bit stiff though.

John Fielding:

interesting staging, but you could have spent a bit more time on the animation and less on rendering.

Your lip sync in the first shot is way too big and needs a lot of refinement.

In the second shot, the way the legs come into frame is a bit odd. He seems to be walking with his legs bent which is weird. The feet also seem to be taking the weight before they're actually fully planted.

The third shot is interesting, but I'm not sure what information I'm supposed to get here. The composition is super empty and it looks more of an artsy shot than something that shows me information

the fourth shot works compositionally, but you didn't even bother to pose his left hand. The thumb is interpenetrating with his hip, it looks constrained to the hip too. And the gun hand, which you did pose, but has no animation in it. no tightening of the grip, no finger moving to the trigger, nothing...

The last shot is probably the most successful, but the zoom dolly isn't really necessary.

Overall, this feels more like a staging exercise than an animation one. And at that, it's not too bad, but this is also an animation competition.