Final Rating: 4.96. Finished 51 out of 223 entries.

443 views including the voting period.


Animator: Carolyn Mennecke

Description: A young man tries to console his elderly relative and let him know he is confident and unafraid. But the old man knows better...

Experience: One year self-taught

Time taken: About three weeks


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Jaimee Cowart:

no bad things animation is great

Sabrina Winkel:

haha I love this!! The story line is nice. The kid is talking about High School and the grandpa is telling him that High School is a roller coaster

William Barry Eggington:

Not too bad.

Lady Musician:

I love the twist. Animation movements need improvement (fluiditiy)

Jo Anne Tan:

Good acting and nice flow throughout the scene, just needs tightening on the moving holds and the floaty parts when the respective characters don't speak.