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Ode To George Bailey & Clarence

by Adam Roades

Final Rating: 6.16. Finished 26 out of 238 entries.

811 views including the voting period.


Animator: Adam Roades

Description: For me, few movies are as good as It's a Wonderful Life. This animation is a small homage to a situation George Bailey found himself in when nothing seemed to go his way and he felt everyone would be better off without him.

Experience: A Few Years

Time taken: A couple weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Sandra Boogaards:

The best animation so far. Well done!

Nicholas Price:

awesome render

Paula Decanini:

The tone feels off with the expression and gestures of the old man. He's talking down a suicidal person, maybe not be so casual, almost cheerful?

Diane Aarts:

aw this one was sweet :)

philipp seis:

very nice setting. The gesturing of the elder guy at the end might need some more work.


Very nice render!

Tobias Fuhr:

has a weird flick in left foot of the first scene when the old man pull the guy. 287-311 the right hand of suicide man get up with a strange overlap.


Awww. The cry at the end was very believable. Love the story telling in this.

tatiana tchoumakova:

Some parts are really good, and some others need improvement

Yurika Nishi-Imai:

Oh MY GOD! He was about to JUMP!!!
(Grow Old or Die Trying Malcolm!)

srinivasrao v:

picture quality is good but animation needs to improve some places...

Katie Wyman:

VERY nice subtlety with the weather. I also really like the shots you went for. As for your animation, you have a nice use of arks, In the fingers, and the arms. I suppose the only thing I can really comment on is, where is your character's weight after he changes emotions? In the first shot he's clearly balancing, so in the last shot (especially when he takes his arm down from the railing) he should be thinking about where his weight lies (which foot, which arm, which body part is in charge of stopping him from falling). You don't have to make him wobble, you just have to know where his weight is with each movement