Final Rating: 4.44. Finished 77 out of 185 entries.

373 views including the voting period.


Animator: Marvin Mendoza

Description: Jacob is interviewed on why he became a baker.

Experience: Year and a Half

Time taken: 1 Week


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Jason Weilee:

The timing seems very even (i.e. pose to pose). Your poses don't always have to be literal or hit exactly on the beat of the dialogue.

Ruben Uggla:

The animation is a bit floaty and I would personally have liked if there was more speed when "punches" his hand but otherwise it's really well animated

Jass K:

Could have add in more expressions


it's good but a little floaty

Richard Adams:

Main weakness; very very floaty. Lighting and rendering are beautiful though. Concept is excellent. Solve the floatiness, and this would've been Top Ten easily.

Jim deMello:

Good visuals. Movement feels a tad too linear and robotic, though. Could use more slow-in and slow-out.

Ruth Agada:

It looks good but needs improvements with the poses and the timing for the major poses. Good stuff.

Shiladitto Gupto:

Too floaty.. it feels like the character is under water or in zero gravity.. add more crisp to the timing..