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Why not to cross the streams?

by Bachi

Final Rating: 4.18. Finished 99 out of 169 entries.

52 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bachi

Description: The male deer teaching his child the dangers of nature (Sorry I couldn't make an appropriate finish version, but I didn't have much time.)

Experience: I am in my last year of animation school

Time taken: About two weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)


Need more animation overall. Characters feel very static.


Aside from the alligator at the end the animation feels very stiff. I think it would benefit from some more movement.

I like the idea a lot! And the framing works well!

April Slocombe:

Lovely drawings and subtle movements but the lip sync could be more detailed and the bigger deer remains static while the younger one says his last line. Nevertheless I like the crocodile/alligator coming out of the stream at the end.

Lance Erickson:

The animation in this one seems to be too rigid and stiff.

Daniel Roldan:

Give them more body movement; make them talk with the body so they seem as if they were alive


very nice story...