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The Chemist's Apprentice

by Julian Luke Tan

Final Rating: 3.50. Finished 132 out of 169 entries.

23 views including the voting period.


Animator: Julian Luke Tan

Description: The older professor tutoring the student warns his student about crossing two streams of different liquids,
so that he doesn't make a mistake and blow the building.

Experience: 2 years of animation education

Time taken: 1 month


(Commenting only available during the rating period)


Lipsynch needs a lot of work. Characters' movement is strange, almost like marionettes.

Derek Stewart:

Nice render.. needs a lot of improvement on body mechanics, weight, etc. Would highly suggest focusing on some fundamentals for a bit before tackling something like this. Good effort though!

Craig P. Smith:

Points for trying to exaggerate poses, but I think if you acted it out and got reference, you'd see that no one would really do that pose at the end. It looks forced. Other than that, it looks okay, but the lip-syncing 'pops' like you're trying to do every phenome. Try doing the major ones, and just going from one to the other. If that looks like it's skipping a certain shape/sound, then you probably have enough time to include another phenome. Try using too few and building in more as you go.

Jan Abero:

woops frame 149-150.

Kristin Turnipseed:

Feels a bit jerky

April Slocombe:

The screen changes its size a couple of times, lip sync is a bit chattery and the pose on "What do you mean bad?" is sudden but I like the rest of the poses and animation plus also the concept of the streams being chemicals from test tubes.