Final Rating: 3.62. Finished 125 out of 169 entries.

42 views including the voting period.


Animator: behrouz

Description: an unexpected rating

Experience: 1.5years

Time taken: 6days


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Needs work on staging. Lipsynch needs a lot of work.

Brian Rusnak:

Hey there! Your scene looks really nice and well-polished but your animation seems a bit "floaty" at times. Work on your timing to snap things up between your poses. Also watch your staging and camera movement, especially around frame 228.

Jan Abero:

Some of the motions look to floaty so watch how your timing and spacing.

April Slocombe:

A lot of the movements are floaty and the lip sync needs more work but good poses otherwise.

Kristin Turnipseed:

Some of the movements could be tightened up and the lip sync needs a lot of work

Jaime Colque:

I saw many with the same character :/