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Don't Cross the streams

by Paul Boogaards

Final Rating: 2.71. Finished 153 out of 169 entries.

86 views including the voting period.


Animator: Paul Boogaards

Description: Don't cross the streams

Experience: 5 years of animation school, 4years of fine arts and a year of acting.

Time taken: A Month


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Characters are too static


I think you kinda shot yourself in the foot using 3 characters instead of focusing on 2 :\.

Ambitious though!

Jon Coppock:

The arms on characters screen left ans screen right are floating. Hold the poses by flattening the tangent handles on the curves so that the controller dosent drift from pose to pose.

Brian Rusnak:

The animation seems to "float" through each action. Work on your timing and fundamentals to give the characters a little weight. That said, your poses seem to work well for the audio clip. Good work!

Jan Abero:

I'm a little confused on whose talking and why the movements on both characters. I think you would also benefit from sticking to one rig system either Norman or Eleven. Stick to one and will help in your keeping things consistent.

Cale Royer:

There's too much motion that isn't doing anything for your characters. Also, look into trying to get your character from pose to pose.

April Slocombe:

I don't think a third character would be necessary and the movements, especially on the left-hand man, are floaty and there is one cliched pose on the middle man when he says, "Why?" Otherwise the poses and lip sync are decent.

Kyle Tweed:

When you have the main character talking, they seem very floaty. Try and stick with poses and key them over a quite a few frames.
Also the other two characters seem stiff when not talking, remember that animating someone listening is just as important as someone that is doing the talking. Show thought in the person listening, show understanding. If you can do that it would sell the animation so well.