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What is a ... plant?

by Tom S

Final Rating: 4.50. Finished 59 out of 79 entries.

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Animator: Tom S

Description: Two explorers do research on a plant, discuss mythology, and seem to argue. The plant is on a table next to a copy of a famous Greek statue. What is the connection? Perhaps the name of a Roman goddess?

Experience: hobby, actively trying for about 2 years

Time taken: about 40 hours


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Henryk Jachimczyk:

Clear staging. Would have liked to have seen their reaction to being caught in the plant.

Kaemon Ducarpe:

I have to applaud your use of minimal animation here. There isn't a whole lot of body movement or facial expressions, but the way you animate it almost makes it feel like something out of Aviary Attorney. And the touch of having it on Venus Fly Traps is really funny!