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Animator: Hugo Montero

Description: Hi, I'm a 3d animator student.
I did this shot with David's rig.

Experience: Some months

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Adam Bartholomew:

The quick look to the paper before the end was FANTASTIC!!! REALLY jealous of that keen eye, way to go!

Leah M:

The glanceeee

I like how he looks down for a bit but still seems to stay in character, it really feels like he's at an audition or practice. I also just noticed he glances again at 230 thats too funny. I love all the movements this guy makes they work so well together

I think it turned out great just the second glance gave me a bit of trouble. Its just slightly too quick i didn't notice it the first few times The first thong I saw was his hand moving then i noticed his eyes looking. But i think that was more of an audio problem sense it couldn't be edited. This was really good