Final Rating: 6.47. Finished 9 out of 55 entries.

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Animator: Cheryl LSH

Description: Just 2 guys reminiscing on the past...

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 3 days


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Angelica White:

Very funny.

Leah M:

omg that poor man

The expression and movement on the horse is wonderful got a laugh out of me. the ear movement the body shift and the consistently when the camera chances. the response of the man was funny this horse putting his heart into what he says is shown well at the end and response perfectly. The comedic timing was really well done.

The only thing I's change is the angle of the horse at the headshot the expressions are so good but his heas so high up its a bit hard to see it. but this is indeed amazing

Richard Adams:

Love the idea you came up with. Animation is really nicely done, too.

J.K. Riki:

Nice job! You did quite well on the lip-sync and making the horse look emotive. I'm not sure you needed the long shots or the guy in there, really. It might be stronger if it was just the horse in a close-up. :)