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Competition Devastation

by Michaela Wadzinski

Final Rating: 4.75. Finished 58 out of 106 entries.

397 views including the voting period.


Animator: Michaela Wadzinski

Description: I really wanted to work on character reactions and creating personality through movements.

I hope you enjoy it!

Experience: Self Taught for 2 years

Time taken: 35+ hours


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Jean Lamy:

This is really well done. Watch the thumb of the second character. The only thing reallythrowing me off is the beginning part where he's extremely excited and then gets depressed in an instant. There wasn't a good transition but I love the animation.

Mauro Glutton:

it's a good animation, but I think that their anatomy doesn't fell right to me


I like the scenario you chose!

Rhonda Wadzinski:

Good job! Amazing!


Nice storyline, a different approach.

Chaitan Joshi:

Like the idea behind this one - especially the clue with the poster in the background :)