Final Rating: 2.75. Finished 138 out of 151 entries.

338 views including the voting period.


Animator: 林志豪

Description: 1 clam guy ,1 funny crazy guy

Experience: 1 years~

Time taken: 1month


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you need to focus on fundamental

Nikolas Diamant:

Either he's got abs of steel, or you should have hime sit up with his arms. Everything else is good though

Ben Halstead:

The lip sync is a bit munchy for the guy lying down. Also, I would use more reference for your movements. It's not easy to hold a half-sit-up like that unless you have serious abs! Not bad though!

Bruno de Coninck:

Your animation seems very robotic here. The biggest probelm throught is, for me the notion of gravity. It is hard to belive that your character on the left is able to stay in suspention in the air like this. The way he moving up is weird too.

Nathan Greensmith:

Animation needs a lot of refining, more realistic movements and more flow, good effort and keep practicing.

Evgeniy Shumskiy:

The person on the left got very weird pose: usually hard to sit like that, without supporting yourself with hands.
p.s. maybe the best pose is to leave him lying down.

Kyra Toomey:

The second buy must have abbs of steel, or is a vampire. He shouldn't have been able to lift himself up like that. He should have pushed himself up with his hands or elbows.