Final Rating: 4.50. Finished 54 out of 151 entries.

367 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jorge Femenía

Description: Double personality interrogatory.

Experience: 6 Months taking animation classes

Time taken: About two weeks


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Adam Momsen:

The animation is expressive... but I'm having a hard time understanding what's going on. It's clear there's some kind of split personality thing going on here, but the actions are confusing.

It looks like the guy is leaning against something while flipping the coin (why is he flipping a coin?) Why is there a knife on a random (apparently very unstable) pillar?

The red glowing eyes also aren't really supported by the audio. The dialog sounds to me like someone who is smug or maybe contemplating something, but not someone who's building into an insane supernatural rage.

He also does another kind of shrug motion starting around frame 251 that seems unnecessary.

Overall the animation isn't too bad, but a big part of animation is communicating an idea clearly. And I'm left not quite sure what is going on here.

Bruno de Coninck:

Overall, I think the biggest problem of your animation is the lack of breaking poses. I think you should really add some before passing in splines. Also, I think adding some anticipation around frame 100 could improve the fast move.

Ben Halstead:

Nice! I would work a bit on the lip sync.

Nathan Greensmith:

Great acting from this guy, good animation. Great job.


Too snappy for the dialogue. And the last hand flip really bothers me, it's copying the last action and overall it doesn't do anything for the shot.

Manuel Jiménez:

Great! Amazing animation!

Ramon Arango:

i like the transitional moment between the playful and the evil schemer. But you go way over the top with the SATAN in the end. The audio isnt strong enough to support extreme gestures like this.