Final Rating: 3.20. Finished 118 out of 151 entries.

355 views including the voting period.


Animator: Wee Siang Gan

Description: Creepy Andy hired a ninja mercenary to kipnap Wilfred's friends and family, in order to bait him out and well, do bad things to him!

Experience: 1 month(fresh graduate, 2 years as a student)

Time taken: 10 days


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Robert Zhou:

Good work! I think the ninja sticking the knife into the table is a bit unnecessary. Nice creepiness to the other character, but he acts too much like an animatronic doll. Try smoothing out the animation and adding more pose variety for him. Good work though!

Nathan Greensmith:

Great camera shot. Shame about the lack of lip sync on the first character, but good use of movement and poses to make up for it. It seems like the second character just floats in, but I like the second characters posture and screen dominance.

Bruno de Coninck:

Good start, but there is a big lack of contrast in your poses : for example, when your ninja hit the table with his knife, he should have a bigger anticipation on this move.

Kyra Toomey:

The lip sync of the second guy can have a bit more polish. There was no "f" lip shape in "merciful" and the "f" sound is one of the important ones vs ones you can skip over. The acting of "Call him" is spot on, nice hitting the beat. There is a bit of a jerk/ pop before he goes into the open hand "wilfred". Overall nice acting, (extremely creepy though).

Ramon Arango:

The knife is really great idea/tool to set the mood of the situation. You cheated the lipsync with this character tho ;P