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Wilfred the merciful

by Jason C

Final Rating: 4.05. Finished 75 out of 151 entries.

387 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jason C

Description: But will Wilfred save you?

Experience: 2 yearish

Time taken: 2 weekish


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Eric Raffle:

too aggressive for voice one acting and not enough on voice two and not much storyline

Bruno de Coninck:

Not bad at all for the first character. The one one right throught, I'm not sure if you animated his whole body. If you didn't, I strongrly sggest you to. Even if we only see his head, animating his whole body will make him far more natural!

Nathan Greensmith:

Some nice poses from character one, a nice shot, good animation, nice job.

Kyra Toomey:

Love the acting, especially him pushing away from the desk and flopping into the crossed arms as he leaned back. Lips sync could have a bit more polish. (The "oo" mouths could be a bit stronger and i think there may be a bit more of an impact if you moved all the lip syncs up a frame, we see before we hear)

Adam Momsen:

Kind of unusual staging here, but I actually think it works so I'll give it a pass :)

The first character doesn't seem to settle on an emotion here. While I think the motions are good (especially the hand flip and when he folds his arms), his expressions change so much that I can't tell how he feels about the situation. What is this character thinking?

Frame 28 - he seems startled or unsure about things
59 - casually disinterested
96 - angry
137 - back to casually disinterested.
274 (as the other guy is speaking) - nervous or unsure of himself again

Good use of lipsync but can be pushed further. Look at the 'f' sound in 'merciful': the bottom lip will tuck under the top teeth, for example.

Samidha Kumar:

nice idea and staging... but work on the lipsync. A video reference always helps. i like the way he pushes the desk, i would add a tiny shiver in the old/slow guy :)