Final Rating: 3.16. Finished 122 out of 151 entries.

331 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sophie Quillec

Description: Two devils, on girl and phone and mysterious angel named Wilfred. Call him.

Experience: high school, beginning college

Time taken: Two weeks


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Adam Momsen:

Too much head motion during 'Wilfred the Merciful', looks like his neck should break from that motion.

It kind of feels like too much effort was spent on the background. The 'heaven' phone number and the demonic bad guys I think would have been enough to make the setting clear. As it is, the detailed background makes the actual animation harder to see/read.

Bruno de Coninck:

It is hard to comment because, you're really between to step in your progression. Basically, if you didn't read Richard Williams' book Animator Survival's Kit, I would recommend you to. But you seems to understand some basics of the animation. There is a lack of inbeteen too. The biggest problem throucht is the visibility of your character. It is hard to see them while they are just linework on a very contrasted background. Actually, it would be easyier to comment if it didn't get a background.

Nathan Greensmith:

Some nice poses from what I can see. Animation of the second character is quite jumpy. The animation of character one is quite lost and hard to see over that background as the characters are just outline drawings. But good effort.