Final Rating: 2.69. Finished 140 out of 151 entries.

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Animator: Jack J Faulkner

Description: When you are stuck in a situation sometimes you just need some friendly advice.

Experience: I am a student

Time taken: 1 week


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Bruno de Coninck:

Won't give a huge critic here but if you are serious in getting into animation, ake a look at Richard's Williams' Animator's Survival Guide.

Robert Zhou:

This was fun! I do think you need move the characters around more and show some more emotion. The cat is just sitting there and not showing any response to the other characters. At least a blink would be appreciated. Keep learning, keep working at it! Good job!

Eric Raffle:

good effort but your not adding enough realism to your scene , its a bit too plain and you needed to research more on how dogs and cats and birds move, what you have done is very simple try to put more of the 12 principles' of animation into your scene

Shiladitto Gupto:

nice idea... really liked the concept...

Nathan Greensmith:

Fantastic idea and plot, There is very little animation and performance other than lip sync here, and the lip sync needs refining with more mouth shapes. But I love the overall idea. Good effort.

Nicolas Defosse:

THe idea is pretty cool and different from others but there's a lot to do in terms of principles of animation, it's pretty static...

Adam Momsen:

I applaud your use of non-human characters and the 2D style. It's a nice use of the old 'cat stuck in the tree' idea.

However, there's not much *animation* to critique here, apart from some mouth moves, a wagging tail, and the bird flying away. The characters are very static.

Also, keep in mind posing: you can do a lot to make characters look more dynamic in how they're posed. For instance, the cat looks like he's almost asleep up there. Wouldn't it be more interesting if he were nervous being up so high, needing to be rescued? His tail up the air, fur all fluffed up, expression frantic?

And the bird could be a little sinister. He leans in, mocking the poor cat. "Yesss...."