Final Rating: 3.18. Finished 119 out of 151 entries.

407 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ramsey Parks

Description: A woman is given a chance to call for help by her captors.

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 2 Weeks


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Shiladitto Gupto:

i rated it 1 star... i guess that should say it all

Nathan Greensmith:

good plot, each of the characters emotion needs work, for example she is far to happy about that knife not much sense of fear, but good effort.

Bruno de Coninck:

The reaction of the girld could be better. I don't think she seems scared enought when she sees the knife.

Kyra Toomey:

Don't forget to put arcs on everything that moves. (Wrist, hips, watch the arcs on the nose to track head arcs). Nice hitting the beats and the lip sync is pretty good on the second voice.

Borislav Dimitrov:

the idea is good. the acting needs some improvements. as well as continue polishing the animation