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Wilfred to the rescue?

by Amin Bahari

Final Rating: 4.12. Finished 73 out of 151 entries.

415 views including the voting period.


Animator: Amin Bahari

Description: First time to enter the competition, Actually first time as well to animate a dialogue. I only had 5 days to work on it as i started late into the month so obviously it needs more work.

Experience: novice/amateur

Time taken: 5 days with an average of 4 hours per day


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Ben Halstead:

Still missing a lot of in-betweens. I would love to see more animation in your style, though! Keep it up!

Bruno de Coninck:

I'm not very comfortable on commenting 2D animation, but I'll give a try. The bigest (and probably only problem) I could see is the lack of inbetween here. Except that, it is fairly decent. The only other ting I would like to point out is the sitting character seems kind of fix. It could be more interesting to se more emotional shift in her.

Eddie Higgenbottom:

you are missing audio just to show the layered animation

Nathan Greensmith:

Good clean animation, good emotion, nice poses, shame its not completely finished, but great job, it should do well I personally think.

Paula Decanini:

Old man's silhouette at frame 269 could be improved. Maybe lift his right hand and lower the left hand, and not stick the elbows together.

Ramon Arango:

If want someone's attention you dont move into his field of vision with your back first. You try to establish eyecontact. This guy here kind of walks backward to talk to the middle one.