Final Rating: 3.14. Finished 124 out of 151 entries.

375 views including the voting period.


Animator: Kelsey Allen

Description: A troubled man gets advice from strange men at the bar.

Experience: 1 year of school

Time taken: one month, between school and work


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Eddie Higgenbottom:

voice 2 needs more work. where is his driving attention.

Nikolas Diamant:

The movements are too jerky, especially on the left character

Nathan Greensmith:

I like the attitude given off by all three characters, Animation needs work in parts such as character threes arm movements. But good effort.

Ben Halstead:

Cool choices on posing and environment. Lots of jerky movements and frozen body parts, though. Maybe start with a more pose-to-pose keyframes approach, and try not to let any character stop moving completely. Remember that it's unnatural and physically impossible for humans to be perfectly still and unmoving, even for short periods of time. There should always be some weight settling, some muscle relaxing, lungs breathing, something going on, even if it's a really tiny movement.

Jasmine Moody:

Looks unfinished.

Bruno de Coninck:

It looks a bit like sometime your character are just floating from pose to pose. Adding more inbetween before passing to spline could help. Also, some ease-in and ease-out could also be a good point.


A little floaty