Final Rating: 6.57. Finished 9 out of 93 entries.

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Animator: Mélanie VACHERIE

Description: Marc and Claire, bridegrooms for 6 years. It has been some times since Claire is abandoned by her husband who is absorbed by his work, little present and does not pay any more attention on her. She announces him that she is going to divorce.

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 1 month


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Zoe Piel:

Brought to you by CHEEZ-IT. ENJOY CHEEZ-ITS TODAY. Nah just kidding this was good.

Donald Marks:

Great staging and lighting. The lip sync could use some love, as could some more exaggerated facial expressions to sell the emotion here.

Erin Goddard:

I really like his facial expression at the end!

Jordan Lewers:

Nice concept and fluid movements, but the lip-sync gets a bit muddled at the end

Monica Stringer:

the lip sync isnt so much off as it is incomplete, and having the woman turn her head midspeech is a bit jolting. good attention to weight and facial features

Sajid Ali Mansoori:

Awesome animation and concept:)