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by Noah Taylor

Final Rating: 2.52. Finished 118 out of 121 entries.

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Animator: Noah Taylor

Description: My entry for the 11 Second Club

Experience: Not enough, but a little

Time taken: 2-ish Weeks


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good blocking, would love to see it finished

Alyssa FitzGerald:

This is clearly still in the block out phase with stepped keys and no lip sync. It's obviously not competition ready, but I'll give my advice meeting you where you're at instead of trying to judge you based on competition standards.

You're Kayla rig is holding too long at the beginning making people wonder if the video froze on a single frame. Put some breakdowns in there. Your Kyle rig on the other hand has almost too many breakdowns, it's hard to discern what the actual key poses are. His facial animations, in particularly his eyebrows are practically non existent which will bite you if you try switching to smooth. That's kind of important when all you see is a torso-up view. His hand at the end also needs work.

Richard Adams:

Looks like this is still in blocking stage, unfinished. What you have here so far looks really good. Wish you had finished the polishing and facial expressiveness, lip syncing stages. I think you would've gotten a good score.

Spencer Bentley:

Mostly just a storyboard at this point. Needs to be properly animated.

Bryce Hallett:

Nice key blocking :)

You might not even need so much movement on the boy's head to make this work either. ( especially that bit at the end of "who knows" where it turns sharply. ) I would leave that out and i think the rest is off to a good start . :)