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What About the Sausage

by Jason Henrey

Final Rating: 3.38. Finished 177 out of 231 entries.

500 views including the voting period.


Animator: Jason Henrey

Description: But what about the sausage tho

Experience: 2 years traditional animation school, current 1st year 3D animation student

Time taken: a month


(Commenting only available during the rating period)



Eric Raffle:

nice choice of acting but what lost your points was not the storyline but your lacking of enough motion and overlapping and follow through, sometimes this can be achieved by recording yourself and using that as a guide.

Niklas Bergwall:

Try to get some more variation in the poses and push them a bit more. You should also try to hold som poses longer. Well done tho! :)

Adrian Winchell:

You've focused a lot on the arm animation here, there should be more done with the pose of the body, in concert with the arms to make it a whole-character pose.