Final Rating: 4.21. Finished 70 out of 173 entries.

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Animator: Nihal Rashinkar

Description: Angry in a basement interrogation room.
The raggedy looking guy's eyes are a bit off, as are the fat man's hands.

Experience: 6 years

Time taken: 20 hours


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Adam Sirrelle:

Hah! Cute gag :D
Watch out for those IK arms. After the black guys give him the snickers his hand stays still while the elbow moves back. One of the down sides of IK is having to keep track of this. The hand is a child to the elbow, not the other way around, so beware of having the hand stock still.

William Ramos:

LOL, I thought I was going to comment on the sex of the character then Boing! nice. The I dont need to settle down had some good pop with the emotion just was sluggish in the rest of it

Rahul Rishikesh:

hat's off to the idea....try to improve your animation to that level...;)


Lol! Funniest entry!

J.K. Riki:

HA HA HA! That was great. I was thinking the whole time "Geez, another entry where they picked a terrible character to match the voice", and then as soon as it clicked what he handed her, PRICELESS. Hilarious, nice job!


A question. Did you get a permission to use (to SNEAK ) a slogan & a brand name of that company in the last frame of your clip ?
Does 11secondclubCom allow that ? Hmm ...?
Will that company be happy to be associated with the image you created in your clip ? Have you asked yourself those questions ?

Yurika Nishi-Imai:

LOL! Snickers commercial!!
(what's she in jail for?)

Murilo Barbelli:

Amazing idea! hahahaha