Final Rating: 2.89. Finished 148 out of 162 entries.

33 views including the voting period.


Animator: Alec Lang

Description: story is left up to the imagination.

Experience: student

Time taken: 1 week


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Per Cardell:

I can appriciate what you are attempting to do. There are a lot of good tutorials and advice on the 11secondclub that could really help you to launch this sequence. Keep working!

Mike M.:

The pacing is slow.

James Van Dam:

Sometimes stillness is a good thing. This felt way to floaty.

Ryan D Lowe:

Hi there.
When I was first starting out, no one ever
took the time to say anything on my shots.

I can't give you constructive feedback here,
as your work seems to lack an overall
understanding of the principles of animation.

However, I emplore you to seek out these
books, and began your studies.

"Character Animation Crash Course"-Eric Goldberg
"Acting for Animators"- Revised Edition
"How to Cheat in Maya 2012/2014"-Lutha Roy

There are many more, but these will get you
started. Best of luck on your journey!

Aaron Clement:

A little linear. I like the idea, tho. Nice moody lighting.

Amartya Mukherji:

There is a lot of scope for improvement. Try to figure out the timing after you visualize the acting you want to do, then start animating a shot. Shooting your own video reference would help you a lot.

Richard Clark:

Too floaty. You should work on timing.


Just keep working on ur animation specially holds. I can say the acting wasnt bad, just the animation was.

Ray Lim:

Too floaty overall. Need to hold your poses more. Push your poses and pay attention to the fingers as well. Needs weight. Refer to 12 principles of animation.

Colin Davey:

Movements are floaty. Especially the phone fall at the end.