Final Rating: 6.10. Finished 18 out of 162 entries.

137 views including the voting period.


Animator: sreejith pb

Description: a gangster giving warning.....

Experience: few

Time taken: one week


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Carlos Alberto Andres:

This one will win. Write it down.

Per Cardell:

Haha. Nice performance.

Vanessa Gonzalez:

I really like it! My only critique would be to move his eyes a little bit closer together, they seem to be a little too separated. But move them in close enough so it looks like he's fixed on something close to him which is what the animation suggests. Also, when he says "sleeping dogs" he opens his mouth straight from the closed position and it looks like he's pronouncing a "B" rather than a "D".


nice keys and motions!

Aaron Clement:

Love the latugh. Great ending too!

Muhammad Arsal:



poses are nice.


very nice work ...

Ryan D Lowe:

Amazing piece. Great work all around. Hard to nitpick this. Love the shapes after the cigar is added. Awesome work, one of my favorites!

Amartya Mukherji:

wow.. that has got some punch in it. very good indeed

This entry proves that, just a playblast will do the job, if the animator is good enough.

Richard Clark:

Very nice! This has a good chance of winning!!!


Woah! Thats amazing! Top 3 confirmed


we were excited to see your decision to make him use the cigarette, after that we began to notice this slight change in the audio. Great ear you have :)