Final Rating: 4.97. Finished 61 out of 290 entries.

549 views including the voting period.


Animator: WuLingchao

Description: A soldier pretended to die on the battlefield.

Experience: 3(student)

Time taken: about 5 days


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Max Morozov:

Best idea!

Aisha Kennett:

Love the detail that he put some blood on face!

Dominic Rayner:

Hilarious absud. Spandex body suit in oriental battle scene with afro, lol. Animation ok but needs a lot more work

Craig Joseph Massa:

I love the concept and the setting you put it in. Makes a lot of sense! Animation is good. Ending felt a bit underwhelming though.... Maybe you could have ended it with him playing dead then having the enemy poking him or something.. I dunno. Just a thought! Well done!

Davit Martirosyan:

Nice concept, but animation is so so)

Imon Branch:

very interesting