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Travelling with "Deutsche Bahn"

by manni fant

Final Rating: 6.03. Finished 14 out of 175 entries.

1,053 views including the voting period.


Animator: manni fant

Description: Because traindrivers in Germany went on strike this month again, I came up with the idea of two guys leaving the train after an exhausting trip.

Experience: Student/Graduate

Time taken: 1 week


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superb rendering, lighting and animation. you are a Pro

Kiefer Paulson:

lip sync could use some help. nice characters and story though.

Seanny Chwan:

wow .. pretty nice

Sarah Kenny:

I like the variation of your characters. The lip sync could use a little more work as some words seem to be skipped, but the way you worked the facial expressions and asymmetry of the lip sync does make it less apparent due to how natural it looks. The biggest drawback is when the guy drops the bag it looks very odd. I actually had to rewatch it several times to notice he dropped it rather than it just disappearing. You took your time adjusting the bags positioning throughout the animation, and I think if you had done the same for the drop it would have looked much better as it was quite simply too quick from the drop to the following arm movement.

Eric Raffle:

nice render look

Evelyn Hernandez:

that last tap on the shoulder felt a little stiff and when the guy on the white shirt puts his arm on his hip, it really doesn't feel like he's doing that. I would push that pose to read better


nice settings & acting except for eye contact of Voice One when saying "I really appreciate it" good but could be better
I think (imao)
well done

Martin Strom:

Great idea but I feel the chubby guy moves a little bit too fast at the end when he pushes the other guy, But that's a nitpick, otherwise it looks really good!

Justin Jones:

Lovely work here! Best of luck to you in the competition!

Jordan Zambrano:

This is really good except for the lip sync. It needs improvement!

Onkar Singh:

stagging is very good !!

Harry G:

The render looks good, but the over all shot needs improvement.