Final Rating: 3.09. Finished 188 out of 211 entries.

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Animator: Dany Camacho

Description: This is the first time we do something like this, we hope you like it.

Experience: None.

Time taken: 2-3hours


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philipp seis:

I respect that, cause i guess it takes forever to clay out inbetweens. Funny design ;)

Adriana Garcia:

Good effort, it would be nice to have the complete face on the screen

Aaron Rivera:

This isn't exactly character animation but I must say, fantastic job on the lip syncing! I like that you even went through the trouble of properly articulating the "L"s with the tongue in front of the upper teeth. I think your camera moved at some point because the position shifts slightly, so that's something to look out for in stop motion, but otherwise this is pretty dang fantastic for what it is!

Peter J Casey:

This is the greatest ever. i love you so goddamn much.


uhuu silly character! but at least one blink...

Niels Beekes:

Fun lipsync, but sadly no acting.

Daniel Keeble:

Nice excersise in lip sync. Good luck!!!!

Billy Kerrigan:

Best part was when the camera bumped.

Alek Wasilewski:

good one :) next time add eye blinks!

Merlyn Moynagh:

very creative and brave using a physical model. great lip sync attempt

kishan Rathod:

Needs a lot of improvement

Mabiala Nkouka:

Will be better if eyes have expressions
But Lipsynch is awesome!!
(I am French then I apologize beforehand if I do not use the good terms)