Final Rating: 4.62. Finished 90 out of 211 entries.

53 views including the voting period.


Animator: Fabian Rosenkranz

Description: A grandfather is sharing some of his rich experience with his rather disinterested grandson.

Animated in Blender with the CG Cookie Flex Rig. The Coke bottle model is from Blendswap by Mirstuk. All other models are from Cinema 4d libraries.

Experience: Not as much as I would like, mostly commercials.

Time taken: One week full time with some late nights thrown in.


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philipp seis:

Product placement ! The characters are very nice.
Good Situation !

Adriana Garcia:

the old guy's cheek bones move a bit much.


I think that he need an anticipation for the bounce at 300, but great work! the fire warm the scene and the characters are good


gosh, i was scared too!

Sophie Bracmard:

Frame 308 to 314 is moving way to fast it doesn't match the audio. F56 to 65 : gesture is too fast on the old guy. Careful with the hand gesture of the old man, it's rarely believable.

Aaron Rivera:

This one is excellent! Lots of great acting and expressions here, and I like the idea of a grandpa talking to his grandson. The only real issue is the hand movement, which looks a little robotic at times, particularly his right hand, which tends towards the generic open hand pose, and the point, which feels weak with all the fingers still out. There's also some strange direction change in the movement of the wrist and palm during the point, which might be remedied by a light bob in the hand and finger after the wrist pops up. There's also almost no anticipation for the sudden point at the end, so it kinda comes out of nowhere. Adding in a more extreme expression a split second before would probably help, as would maybe having the hand movement trail the head movement. As it is they move together, which feels a little unnatural when I act it out at least. The boy is superbly animated, clearly disinterested in the conversation and just twiddling about, though I find it odd that he goes for another sip so soon after the jump. He'd probably too stunned to think about that, and go straight to being attentive. A lot of this is nitpicky though. A great peice overall!

Jonathan C.:

At frame 205, the grandpa's arm and wrist stop very abruptly.