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A broken-heart girl

by Lucas, September Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.75. Finished 1 out of 68 entries.

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Animator: Lucas

Description: A little genie is trying to consoling Neka on having been ignored by her colleagues who were nice to her before.

Experience: 4yrs

Time taken: 8days


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excellent job!!!


it is really great! love the details and special effect of the elf!

Richard Adams:

So well animated. Fun idea with the small flying character. Great acting choices, with the door and the leaning and the sitting down feeling upset.

Jad El-Khoury:

those are some of the coolest smears I've ever seen!


A clear winner ! great animation and very creative with the idea


Numero uno!

Patrick Tran:

I think I found our winner. This is amazing

Ben Zingo:

My pick for first place, nice work! Only thing I'd suggest tweaking is the "really?". Maybe it's because the video is so small, but it's kinda hard to see/doesn't play well to camera. Maybe have that shrug/mouth shape angled towards camera instead of away

Rishikesh Jaiswal:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!