Final Rating: 6.34. Finished 16 out of 68 entries.

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Animator: Sy

Description: she really want to say something to her friend, but she is too afraid to talk with her friend face to face.

Experience: 4years and 3 months

Time taken: about 2weeks


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Great performance! I love the idea with the pillow in the second character but I'd try to keep her pose as at the beginning, then lower her arms with the pillow and hit the pose like a ''surprise'' or something like that with a nice contrast on her face as she says, yeaah!.

Richard Adams:

Love that bit with the hiding and quivering behind the pillow. lol. Really well animated, too.

Jennifer Croom:

This is very cute!


Oh I love the last beat! So much fun, and a such a sweet way to wrangle a smile from character 1.