Final Rating: 4.38. Finished 47 out of 68 entries.

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Animator: Siddhant Bal

Description: Our character Crusha is sad with the fact that after her marriage and having kids, she is not what she used to be anymore. Her close friend and neighbor, Macie, tries to console her.

Experience: A month, this is my first ever animation!

Time taken: About 28 hours.


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Sam Kim:

You did good with providing body movements, close up shots and facial expressions that help illustrate character emotions. But the lip movement for the other character's later lines needs more movement.

Jad El-Khoury:

the camera zoom in at the beginning is a fun choice, the fists slamming could be much faster and come in a few frames earlier too

Patrick Tran:

I like the idea of the initial camera angle and action. I think it was funny! The movement though could use a lot of work. It feels very floaty. Add more keyframes in to solve this. Try filming reference as it always helps with timing and subtle action. I noticed you did add blinks along the way on action which is good but remember to add blinks even if they're just talking and not moving their heads as the human eye does get dry really quick.


I like the animation for the daughter but the mom could use some polish in the graph editor, especially with the arm movement


Lovely actual staging of action. I like that something is actually happening during the course of this exchange. It also makes me wish for just a little pay-off regarding the action. Lovely work!

Rishikesh Jaiswal:

The carrot cutting animation has excellent anticipation to it. The pink T-shirt characters' hands do not have any slow in or slow out and the motion feels linear. Overall, a really good piece.