Final Rating: 5.75. Finished 24 out of 68 entries.

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Animator: Willi Anton

Description: First time submitting in a while! Unfortunately I wasn't able to complete it in time, but I hope you enjoy still!

Experience: 3 Years

Time taken: About 2 weeks, after work


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Joshua Slezak:

Blocking looks great - just needs to be finished!


Great performance!

Richard Adams:

The sheer emotional expressiveness of the body and face is *awesome*. Love the acting here. Top 5 entry this month.

Ben Zingo:

really great work here! Would love to see how it looks when further polished/not just stepped keyframes.
Maybe have a little tail twitch when the ear perks up? Remember to use both for expressing thoughts/character!


I really like the poses, if you completed and polished it I would give it 9 or 10 stars

Kfir Ben-Dov:

I would like to see it fully done, the poses and the little details are great. Except from frame 160 to 230 which is frozen

Andrei Llacuna:

only if it was finished this would've been at the top! but still pretty good! very nice posing, acting and subtle camera work.

also, love how the tail rests on the sofa

Nikhil Anurag:

The blocking looks great, I would love to see the finished shot.