Final Rating: 4.23. Finished 54 out of 70 entries.

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Animator: Juan M

Description: I wanted this to look like the invincible series or that spiderman show from disney xd

Experience: I'm a student

Time taken: like 5 days


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Dan Hollister:

Needs some inbetweening done. and I wish the eyes were open to convey more emotion. Good blocking though on the key poses. could use a little bit more dynamic poses here and there also.

ro crown:

only 5 stars from me, because this man does not look like he is having fun recollecting the story of the audio...needs alot more inbetweens inna right places here and there is what i can only suggest for your future entries here on 11 sec.....

Yigit Bayram:

And curiosity killed the eyes :(