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Animator: Gregor Wittich

Description: A bit early, but happy spooky season!
It was inspired by the dad of the "le petit vampire" animation movie. I thought it would be sweet if he would drive his son to school.

Experience: Animation Student

Time taken: 8 days


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Mitchell Kirkpatrick:

If you plan on inbetweening the motion, you'll have something pretty nice here. The drawings are nice and interesting, the character design is appealing. He's a bit top-heavy, but if he's a skeleton I'm not going to sit here and say his legs are too thin, haha. I'd really like to see this inbetweened.

Matas Skudra:

Really liked this one, very natural :)

ro crown:

nice try...and you will get there with more inbetweens

Charity Santos:

Great poses! This has so much potential if only you had more time.