Final Rating: 5.69. Finished 25 out of 70 entries.

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Animator: Satya

Description: Giving his insight to an interviewer...

Experience: About 10 years

Time taken: about a week


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Chris Leykam:

Thoughtful poses!

Pevin Kinel:

I like the stressing on "be curious" but the walk cycle feels a bit weightless and the lipsync could be tighter

Mitchell Kirkpatrick:

I really want to like this one because walk cycles are important, and very hard for some animators-even really good animators. The upper body does a great job of expressing, the syncing is nailed, and it’s super clean. Even a nice scrolling background. But the legs aren’t coordinated with the upper body, just remain in their cycle while the upper body moves independently. It still reads, we can all see the quality, but it’s the reason it sort of feels like we’re on a track, and the character is on there with us with a pole pulling him along at the center of his body. It’s not his own momentum or body movements that propel him or guide his walk. To fix this, you may want to tie the upper and lower body together, adding a twist or tilt, something that matches the character’s core movements. Otherwise, super clean and well done. As a standard walk cycle, with no upper body expression, this would be amazing.


not often you see a 3/4 walk cycle