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September Competition

by Hung

Final Rating: 4.72. Finished 47 out of 70 entries.

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Animator: Hung

Description: I only have experience in making games, this is my first time participating in this club competition, I also don't have much time for the above operations, so take animshool for reference, hope everyone likes it. and make comments
Thank you !

Experience: I have 2 years of experience

Time taken: 2 days


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Alex Mey:

Posing and gestures were animated really well. The last pose starting at 230 doesn't feel right/imbalanced. It looks as if his upper body is resting his weight on the right arm which is resting on his leg leg, but he freely lifts his hand without any transfer of weight and when he delivers his last line "I like that", his hand looks attached to his knee rather than pushing up against it.

Mahesh Waran:

you cud have easily earned more stars if you would have done a decent lip sync pass