Final Rating: 5.74. Finished 24 out of 70 entries.

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Animator: Dennis Rydberg

Description: Disneys Pacha tells someone, maybe the emperor, about an experience.

Parts of this one is done on ones, I really like how those parts turned out. It's something magical about how smooth it looks.

Experience: Now and then over ten years. Some years without.

Time taken: 1-2 weeks. Evenings.


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Chris Leykam:

Thoughtful poses!

andrew sharp:

Nice piece but his mouth line tangents the hill in the back ground would be better if he had an open acting space around him.

Mitchell Kirkpatrick:

Nice foreshortening. The motion and details are conservative, which is smart for a dialogue heavy shot. His giant grin and the plop back onto the tree seem more like a loving reverie, than talking about ideals. He seems like he's talking about someone he's infatuated or in love with. The motion is very nice, but those two elements seem slightly out of place.

Alex Mey:

Foreshortening at 184 needs a lot of improvement. Definitely ease out of the action with added overlapping action with the arm bending at the elbow. With how much the character's arm shrinks/loses volume, his hand could have come more to the right of the shot to compensate. Overall, good poses with nice easing in and out and great holds for impact. Nice job but needs some help.

ro crown:

big 9 stars from me and do keep them coming!