Final Rating: 6.71. Finished 13 out of 128 entries.

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Animator: prajit

Description: A mischievous friend tries to lighten up the work pressure by having some insensible conversation with his fellow friend at work.

Experience: 7 years

Time taken: 2 weeks... few hours after work


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Dogus Kuner:

It'd be so much better if you would have just moved the character from the back table to the front by keeping the first pose and the fourth in the beginning. I thinks it's much more stronger. Good job!


like the humor twist

Kelly Haryanto:

love it!

Adriano Viana:

very good!!

Nicholas Cunningham:

Love the physicality!


Superb expressions and body language of both the characters ! The redhead is so full of energy and the nerd is so dull - nice contrast!