Final Rating: 7.43. Finished 3 out of 128 entries.

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Animator: daniel forsgren

Description: just a lost cartoon character

Experience: about 10y

Time taken: about 15h


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Love it! Top 3 for sure, amazing acting :)


Love the images, just would like a little more information on "what" the character is - is it a fish, is it a monster...?

Tony Races:


Richard Adams:

This. Is. Awesome! Really superbly done! Possible Number 1 winner this month.

Kelly Haryanto:

this is so good! love your character! it's weird but good!

Kyra Simone:

I am in love with these expressions and poses. I'm assuming the animation is intentionally limited and it works very well, especially with the changing texture. I fear that I don't know enough about 3D to give this a proper crit, but I hope you can get some good ones from others.

Nicholas Cunningham:

I'm in love with this one. What a bizarre character.

ro crown:

Is this a rubber glove melted down and shaped for this character???????
unique to say the least
and btw great acting on all of the accents of the audio from the highs to the low almost still moments....
not a great job....BUT A TERRIFIC ONE and do please tell or show us what this char. is made of
do submit more please and we thank yewww.