Final Rating: 6.20. Finished 22 out of 128 entries.

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Animator: Arielle Steele

Description: The two discuss who hired them. One can't seem to keep his cool as well as the other.

Experience: About 2 years

Time taken: ~2 weeks in my free time


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Zeff Hyde:

WOW! hit every beat perfectly.... smooth and professional!

Richard Adams:

Quite appealing. Decent staging and concept. Main thing that bothers me is the faces being hidden by the hats so much of the time. If you wanted the faces hidden, missed opportunity to have each other trying to peer under the hats to see each other's faces, would've been a nice bit of comedy there. Especially if they had reason to keep their faces hidden, like they're wanted (2 wanted posters on the wall showing both of them?)