Final Rating: 4.14. Finished 87 out of 128 entries.

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Animator: Arpan Mahor

Description: This is the animation of a conversation between a normal worker and his co-worker who tries to be funny.

Experience: 1 year as student

Time taken: 10 day


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I get mad scientist vibes, I could totally see there being a small explosion at the end from his cubical.

Lola Robey-Levine:

Your timing's pretty good but I don't think your framing and layout choices help at all. Around frame 210 the character that is speaking starts getting blocked by the character that isn't speaking

Christopher Scott:

Your one character is blocking the other

Kelly Haryanto:

nice one!

Oliver Gallagher:

Animation is quite good but the character with the glasses is not really the focus of the shot and the back of the other character's head seems to be the focal point which is a strange and distracts from the shot. move the character with glasses to the left a bit.

Zeff Hyde:

A perfect example of layout and acting over polish and frills- bravo!

Alice Cwik:

Can't see much of the animation.