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Animator: Maya Lukmana

Description: After being asked by a co-worker, a new employee starts to question his life choices.

Experience: about two years (as a student)

Time taken: roughly a week (with watery eyes and a sore thumb)


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Very cool, love the clean lines and character design.

Kelly Haryanto:

nice! love the transition!

Kyra Simone:

Good movement, but it does not need to move EXACTLY with the words, otherwise it feels too robotic.

ro crown:

9 stars here
this is of clear action choices and characters that the auidence can see clearly even from a distance.
The limited moves make sense and are approipirate for me .
Learn from this everyone...for simple outline char's are sometimes the best.
Direction of the cuts is spot on
Hope to see more from u in the future, and thanks a bunch for submitting this...great job overall!!!!