Final Rating: 3.51. Finished 108 out of 128 entries.

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Animator: Jasmine Almira Indra Asmara

Description: Small talk between colleague

Experience: 2 Years

Time taken: 2 Weeks


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I like the body twist around frame 250.

ro crown:

gave this a 4 stars.......where is the passion for story telling and why not have a simple background for reference......the mouth movemnedt looks like they have lock jaw.....sorry, but we need to feel your madness for the passion or love of telling us a story is what alot of us are humbly suggest to you if you will keep at it....and suggestion is to practice drawing 25 pages on paper or digital for major improvement if ya wanna.

Richard Adams:

Very clean lines, beautifully subtle animating. Main weakness, all the movements are just too small. They barely seem to be moving or emoting at all. Push the movements and facial expressiveness a lot further.

Kyra Simone:

Movement is definitely more important than cleanliness here, so while these drawings are very clean, I would love to see more movement. Next time, don't be afraid to get rough in the name of some tasty moves!